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It’s spring 2016 and the Summer Olympics are fast approaching. Boston is hosting and the city is stirred up into a frenzy of excitement. Naturally, the supernatural elements of the city are doing their best to take advantage of the influx of cash, bodies and energy. Everyone, that is, except for the Summer Court, who seem nervous and distracted.

Theme/Threat Aspect Face
Boston is constantly changing, but clings to its old past New City, Old Bones Franklin C. Fairchild
Everyone is here for the Summer Games Let the Games Begin Violetta White
Black Court Resurgance The Hand in the Night The Hand of Drakul


Location Aspect Face
Harvard Knowledge is Power Arabella Baker
Southie Blood and Iron Brody Boyles
Fenway Hometown Pride Kevin O’Malley
The Big Dig Something Wicked This Way Comes “Jingles”
Davis Square Wolves Among Sheep Rory Hart
North End A Taste Of The Old Country Antonia Dioli
Fells Reservation Wild And Untamed Margaret
Boston Commons A Breath Of Summer Dwayne Allen
Financial District Dirty Money, Clean Streets Donald “Don” Draxis

Setting notes

  • Set at or after Skin Game
  • Summer Court action going on (and where summer goes winter was probably there causing trouble to begin with)
  • Style is Pulp/Noir (more or less like the Dresden Files books are)

Main Page

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