Summer Games

Things Best Left Burried

Brody Boyles asked Jaroslav Khazar and Marcus Jay Schmidt to come and see him in his office. When they arrived he explained that over the past week all of the men he had surveying The Big Dig looking for any repair work that needs to be done before the Games. With the help of Patty they were able to search through the service tunnels attached to The Big Dig. Callie McKinnon was able to glimpse flashes of one of them being snatched. Marcus and Henry also noticed that the aura of the area seemed to be intentionally unfriendly, and cultivated to be so.

While searching for the two nearest to their location they found few clues, though they did discover Eoin’s phone. The third area to search, proved to be another matter. Callie also found that there were some strange devices embedded into the wall at roughly even intervals, but was unable to determine who put them there and what they do.. On the way there Marcus noticed that there seemed to be a Way in the area and he stayed behind to try and see what he could find out.

Moving on, the group encountered Shamus who seemed to have lost his mind. He reeked and his clothes were torn, but none of that seemed to matter to him. He kept chanting about how he was waiting for Him to return and how He was going to give him purpose. Henry risked horrific images and opened his Third Eye. His bravery was rewarded by the sight of a shattered and hollow Shamus whose piercing eyes seemed to look into his very soul. Henry immediately recognized him as a Renfield, though the thorns around his neck and chest were unlike any other Renfield he’d seen or heard of before.

Not wanting to confront the crazy and likely to become violent Shamus a man down they went to get Marcus who was just finishing up a spell to notify him when something entered or exited through the way.

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