Rory Hart

The Hedge Wizard Barista (Davis Square)


High Concept: Hedge Wizard Barista

Rory is the owner and manager of Diesel Cafe in Davis Square. The place, while popular to the student and post student masses of Davis and the surrounding environs, is also a frequent gathering place of the minor practitioners of the area North of the Charles. She is also the local coordinator for the local “Paranet”, a nation wide organization meant to help minor talents and hedge wizards pass warnings and information.

Rory is a punky woman in her early thirties, who spins up intricate wards as well as she whips up a fancy latte. She is very protective of the other minor talents in her community and does her best to provide a safe space. She inherited the cafe from an aunt who had been a powerful practitioner of some sort. At some point she had managed to get the space declared “Accorded Neutral Ground”. While she redecorated and rebranded the cafe when she reopened it, Rory managed to keep the Neutral Ground status.


Rory Hart

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