Franklin C. Fairchild

Walking History Book


New City, Old Bones

You’ve seen Franklin before. The portly fellow in the tricorner hat spinning dramatic yarns on State Street as he leads tourists along the freedom trail. He’s been walking the freedom trail for nearly 40 years, and knows more about it’s history than pretty much anyone else.

Franklin loves Boston, and he’s very protective of it.

Olympic Construction is threatening historic sites all over town (granted, some of these “historic sites” are “relatively old cobblestones” and “original gutters”, but that’s besides the point), and it’s got Frank,lin worked up.

Go to the Green Dragon Inn. You’ll see Franklin at the bar with a pint of Sam. First things first he’ll inform you that the picture on the bottle is actually of Paul Revere. Next he’ll complain about the wretched construction. If you let him talk for long enough, he’ll get into rumors of a more… occult… nature. Not that he believes any of that nonsense, mind you, but history’s history, and talk’s talk.


Franklin C. Fairchild

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